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Editor’s note: Maria Maresca is a Wood Honors College student majoring in political science at Shippensburg University, class of 2023. She is the daughter of writer Gregory Maresca, whose column appears in the Saturday editions. 



The State of the Union Address held on Feb. 4, 2020, was certainly deemed a newsworthy event, but for all the wrong reasons.

President Donald Trump delivered an astounding speech with a plethora of achievements from historic economic growth to job creation and a resurgence of patriotism for American freedom and greatness. 

Roars of applause followed the announcement of Trump’s accomplishments, but there was a noticeable pall cast over the entire gathering on the part of the Democrats. In addition to reporting that the “unemployment rate is the lowest in over half a century” and that there has been “7 million new jobs” instituted in the U.S., Trump conveyed that “women filled 72% of all jobs added” but the proud “women in white” remained sedentary, which most likely raised questions about whether or not a miracle glue was permanently fastening them to their seats. 

Had they not worn white to support the rights of women? Democrats also refused to rise from their chairs when Trump stated that the unemployment rate for Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans and Asian-Americans has reached lowest levels in history. Interestingly, these individuals are the voters that Democrats often attempt to reach.  

As the night progressed, Trump introduced a variety of respectable individuals from a young, African-American student given a scholarship to attend the school of her choice to the one of the last remaining Tuskegee Airmen, all the while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was far too preoccupied to pay them any mind as she fumbled with papers and repositioned her dentures appearing as callous as ever.  

The night reached its true climax when Pelosi displayed a performance of pure defiance by tearing her copy of Trump’s speech down the middle as he finished his concluding remarks. 

Her reaction, along with the remainder of her fellow Democrats, was only not Anti-Trump; it was Anti-American. Individuals of the left are merely making themselves appear ridiculous and have shed light on their ignorance and denial of the current administration’s successes. 

In terms of the upcoming 2020 election, this does give Trump the advantage, but only if the American people can see through Democrats’ idiocy. The Democratic attendees of State of the Union Address have proven that current political opinion has gone far past Trumpian dissent and is now an attack on the American way. 

Trump’s recalling of the valiant determination from Abraham Lincoln to Harriet Tubman is still ever-present in the history of our country, which should make any American, no matter what their political party preference is, to stir with gratitude and pride. Simple respect for the President and for our great American history has gone out the window. 

I call upon younger generations to take notice of this attitude and defend what truly unites us as Americans. You can rip up a speech, but you cannot destroy the facts. 


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