Maelan Hansen-Maine & Tammy Benedict

Maelan with her occupational therapist Tammy Benedict.

Maelan Hansen-Maine keeps going strong, and participates in the Beads of Courage program. The beads help a child with a serious illness record, tell and own their stories of survival. Each bead represents something the child has been through. Maelan's "necklace" of beads is over eight inches long. The child had to nominate a therapist that they have worked with to receive one of the beads while the child kept the other one. Maelan nominated Tammy Benedict her occupational therapist at Corry Memorial Hospital. Tammy Benedict has worked with Maelan for almost six years. 

After Maelan's seizure and three-week stay in the children's hospital, the doctors wanted to do weeks of inpatient therapy. Her mom refused and said she was taking Maelan home. “It was the best decision of my life,” said Jessica. “Maelan has surpassed everything that the doctors said she shouldn't be doing.

“I will forever be indebted to her hard working and caring therapists,” she claimed. “Maelan and Ms. Tammy were chosen to receive those beads carried in the Iditarod. Just like the mushers and dogs in that race that are courageous, tough and determined. Maelan and Ms. Tammy make the ultimate team.”


Yulonda Theuret's birthday was yesterday, while Kim (Bigelow) Taylor celebrates today.

Brady Lutton gets married today, with Pastor Les Utegg performing the ceremony. It’s also Gordon and Ruth Davis Bigelow's 69th wedding anniversary.

Michele and Scott Brady celebrated their 26th anniversary this week.

My aunt Alice and uncle Willard celebrated their 64th anniversary this past week. Wonder if I was at the wedding, I would have been five months old.

Great new look around the clubhouse at North Hills Golf Course. The city crew dropped off fresh mulch all around the back side of the building.

Jordan Sabat is looking good after he lost 25 pounds.

Andi Pavlik has a good point: Do you keep your plastic bags in a plastic bag?

For the record, Stanley McCray is not named after the Stanley Cup. Tough he is, Lord Stanley.

Many folks saw Shadow, the Wetmore's dog, on the streets of downtown Corry. Shadow will be missed, not forgotten.

Paula Carey, who used to work here, has a new baby girl weighing in at 5 pounds, 15 ounces.

Mark Chludzinski, Chud’s father, ran the District 10 softball playoff games Wednesday at Penn State Behrend. He’s also the D-10 chairman for cross country and wrestling.

Finally, as I have mentioned before this time of year, the first-ever winner of the Indianapolis 500 was Spartansburg native Ray Harroun — 105 years ago.

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