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Rev. Lance Lynn Cirigliano says his baseball career has come to an abrupt end. He helped the Yanks break a five-game losing slide against the Chicago White Sox. However, it didn't please the Mayor of Chicago, who notified the Yanks that he was going to press charges against them if they continued to use his services. Apparently, from the email: “A 66-year-old man should not be showing up our youngsters of our beloved Sox. You either get rid of him (like I did those 1,000 police officers in Chicago), or I will have no choice than to join in a lawsuit with Maxine Waters. You will never again be able to eat in a fine dining place in any city that has a MLB franchise. We will search you out and belittle you with the threat of violence against your families. And since I fired all of those police officers, who will come to protect you? Think about it.”

So, as a step to protect the public, the good reverend was released from his Yankees contract. I don't want to see people harassed.”

Jason Hellenschmidt’s birthday trip to Las Vegas started out pretty slow but ended with a bang. He’s all smiles these days after paying off his house.

I met up with Nancy Myers at Black Jack’s Sports Bar and Grille which is across the road from Presque Isle Downs and Casino. She worked at Associated Spring in Corry for 27 years. She liked her boss, Chuck Mack, and his wife Darlene.

Good to learn that Father Skip Davis is out of the hospital after quadruple bypass surgery. But he requests no visitors during his recuperation time.

Bonnie and Dale Dorman have finished their weeklong Pirate Camp with their 13 grandchildren.

Bonna Oyer reminds the Corry Class of '64 of the gathering at McIntyre's one week from today. Take a dish to share if it's convenient, and whatever you want to drink, if it's other than water or soft drinks. It starts at 2 p.m. and runs until there's no one left.

I understand Brenda Williams, her son Kenny and father Terry, took in the Browns training camp the other day. I wonder if they asked Kenny to suit up.

Did you know that the Steelers game was televised by Fox 66 on Thursday night?

I see that another Dollar General Store is opening soon in Findley Lake.

Do your TV channels sometimes work, sometimes not? And it happens for hours?

Brittany Zajac is home taking a break from her college softball coaching responsibilities. I guess her mom and her (and little Yorkie dog) went kayaking. She has been traveling quite a bit for scouting, including a major tournament in Reno. She tells me the college town she’s at in Kansas doesn’t even have a traffic light. And she thought Corry was small.

Tarrie Davis Miller is still mowing lawns and getting around pretty well. She’ll turn 75 years young tomorrow. So give her 75 cents (or three quarters).

Today is Amy Maglet’s birthday. Celebrating on Tuesday will be Deb Parker, Carroll Miser and Mike “the meatcutter” Malone. And birthday wishes to Megan McCray.

Bob Meilleur was impressed he made the front page of Rolling Stone earlier this week.

Brian DiFonzo is recovering from shoulder surgery. Must be he pitched too many innings in his Whiffleball days.

Finally, Mike Sonoski stopped by The Journal yesterday. The 1968 CAHS grad turns 70 years young tomorrow. He and his brother Barney are moving to Cape Cod from the San Diego area.

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