Mike Hartley


Dear Editor:

Anyone who chooses to run for school board has my respect.

If they are first-time candidates, I may also wonder if they understand what, if elected, they are getting themselves into. There will be long, financially uncompensated hours, sometimes scheduled inconveniently. Or unscheduled inconveniently — you may eventually wonder if a trip to a store is worth the possibility of meeting someone who will have a “hot button" topic to discuss. There will be policy and educational jargon to wade through, financial reports to decipher, and issues (especially personnel issues) to grapple with.

You will learn that school-board politics are easier before you are elected than afterward. You will have to cast real votes on real matters. You will be (sometimes deliberately) misunderstood. Your intelligence and motivation will be questioned at what will feel like every turn.

See the Journal’s Tuesday, September 27th edition for full story.

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