By R.L. McCray

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Lisa and Scott Lockwood

Lisa and Scott Lockwood in the press box at Corry Area High School

The annual Corry Day was held on Feb. 6 at the Golden Corral in Kissimmee, Florida. The usual location at 7702 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway had closed, but they met at the Golden Corral four miles down the road at 6077 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. They plan to meet next year on Feb 5, 2022. The attendance was down due to COVID-19, the location change and rumored cancellation. Nine people were present, including Therese Paulson, Deanna Paulson, Hunter Paulson, Mark Brinson, Dan J. Morgan, and Darrell and Linda Kysor.

I heard that Lonnie Peterson provided douhhnuts for his good friend Leroy Babcock.

Jim Moats tells me that three-time Olympic softball gold medalist Leah Amico will be at the Corry Community Center tomorrow.

The Corry alumni weekend is tentatively planned for June 11-12, but is tabled until the March 15 meeting.

The passing of Marian Aberg reminded me of her late husband Don, who I met when he worked at the National Bank. He was a regular at the Elks Club hanging out with my dad, Vic Cragg and many others.

Love INC. of Union City, Spartansburg and Corry was this week’s winner of $250, part of Loving Giving Local.

The free cooking class that was scheduled for Sunday, March 21, with Betsy Grinder has been changed to Sunday, March 14, at the same time, 3 to 4 p.m. at the VFW and the name of the book that Betsy has written a chapter in is called “Fear Less”.

Hard to believe it but Cindy Baker has been with H&R Block for 39 years. She always does a great job.

Happy 64th anniversary to Gerrie and Frank Karkoski.

Happy 20th birthday to Brooke Beebe. She's Barb's daughter who will be taking photos at today's girls basketball game. Alice Ross celebrated No. 37 (backwards) yesterday. Pat Miser and Scott Frisina have birthdays tomorrow along with Gwen Albers and Ken Hunt. Celebrating on Monday are Andi Pavlik, Betty Moore, Ryan Williams and Connie Craker Cooper.

I'm told that Preston Eshelman is starting his own "spell check" company.

Finally, I was asked this the other night at the Corry gymnasium. A guy asked me if The Corry Journal Sports Stream announcer Scott Lockwood just brought a sleeping bag to the press box. I asked why, and he said he's here for the 4 p.m. game, then junior varsity at 6:30 p.m. and the varsity game. Then he was back the next day. Scott and his crew seem to be everywhere.

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