By R.L. McCray

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A reminder if you drive -- school has started. Drive according to the speed limit, or lower, especially in Columbus on Gamma and Spencer Roads. And always be careful around Corry Area High School.
Stacy and Ryan Volk's wedding Saturday gave new meaning to the phrase short and sweet, and everyone there was impressed. Stacy's dad, Gary Hicks, was looking dapper in his black suit and was told he looked like Johnny Cash. My highlight was seeing Gladys Thompson, she's a Corry fixture. And I met up with cousin Jeff McCray and his wife Kathy. They were home from Olean. Jeff worked for many years with Russ Volk, John Brigham and Dave Sample at Corry Lumber.
I see that Father Caz Bogniak stopped in to see Barb Holton.
Happy anniversary to Shannon and Bill West (No. 14) and to Jen and Jeff Wilkinson (23rd). Jen is Beth Rose Dolan's sister.
It was old home night for me Friday at Sheen Field. Referees Tom Santo, Jack Werner and Lou Vizza from the Warren chapter were again doing a Corry football game. I knew those good guys well during my 18 years at the Times Observer. One of my favorite photos was of Lou on the Buffalo Bills chain gang at Rich Stadium, with Bill Parcells coaching New England. Lou sent him the photo, Parcells autographed it and sent it back.
Sympathy to the Weber family on the passing of Shannon (Weber) Lewis. She worked here at The Journal several years ago.
The Findley Lake Harvest Festival runs Aug. 30-Sept. 1. It’s hosted by Our Own Candle Company.
Get-well wishes to former Journal employee Julie Shaver.
Happy birthday to Mary D (Mary Kasper Ahl). Also to Michelle Burgess. Celebrating tomorrow are Bob Harrington, Linda Hanna, Marion Macaluso and Sue Tracy. Angela Pizer’s special day is on Friday.
Volleyball player Ciara Davis is the next generation and oldest great-granddaughter of John Sr. “Speed” Wiggers. His daughter, Bonnie Catalfu, tells me that he reads the entire Corry Journal front to back each day. And at 93 years old, he went blackberry picking and he helps to drive the bear away.
Brady Deuink knocked a couple items off the bucket list by visiting Fenway Park and the original Cheers. Frosting the cake, he asked Shauna McCray to marry him and she said yes.
Looks like you'll need a roster lineup card to know the new teachers with all the "early" retirements in the Union City Area School District.
Kayanna Ottaway will be the featured artist at North Hills Golf Course, with the show moved to Sept. 5, 2019. She does alternative and acoustic.
There will be a gathering of McInnes past, present and future employees at the VFW on Sept. 4 for chicken wings about 6 p.m.
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