By R.L. McCray

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The St. Thomas Lenten fish dinners have a new look this year, it's a walk-in, takeout format. They run on Feb. 17 and 26, and March 12 and 26, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the St. Elizabeth Parish Center. Masks are required with social distancing practiced.

Corry Day, as Bonna Oyer reminds me with no s because it's just one day, would have taken place this past Saturday but with the COVID situation was canceled. Hopefully it will happen next year, she writes.

A correction. Ron Rairie's wife's name is Leona. And he baked a peanut butter cream pie for their recent anniversary.

I learned that former Corry Journal reporter Alex Topor will start Monday at the Meadville Tribune as a sports writer. Hopefully they have plenty of water.

Best wishes to Mike Schrecengost after some minor surgery yesterday.

For the record, Shane McChesney had 122 wins as a Corry Beaver wrestler. Michael Pollard's 144 wins still tops the list.

In the addition to the families mentioned in the birth announcement of Reagan Elaine Jones born on Feb. 7 in Nashville, Tenn., to Brandi and Peter Jones, is her great-grandmother, Mary Louise Snidow of Gambrills, Md.

Did you know that John Lynch, recently elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, pitched for the Erie Sailors baseball team in June, 1992 at Ainsworth Field? The Sailors were a Class A affiliate of the Florida Marlins at the time.

Ron Munn came up with a menu from the lunch counter at Corry's Woolworth from 1970. You could get a roast beef dinner for $1.10. For 95 cents, you had your choice of a roast turkey dinner, meatloaf of a fried fish platter. Of course salaries were a lot different back then, too.

Belated birthday wishes to Mike Andrus, Jeremy Cressley and Todd Triscuit and Jerry and Rachel Fisher. Judy Babcock and Tim Foreman celebrate today along with Terri Lynn. Derek McCray and Heather Martin have birthdays on Monday.

Kudos to the stamping group that produced 200 homemade Valentine Day cards to donate to the Corry Manor and Corry Senior Center for the staff to give the residents tomorrow.

Sorry about the passing of Sara Sample's Julie Pony who passed away at age 37. She helped teach so many people to ride.

And sympathy to the family and many friends of Hodie McLean who passed suddenly in Florida.

Haleigh Kathryn Ann Burlew was named to the dean's list at Edinboro University for the fall 2020 semester. She's the daughter of Angie and Scott Burlew.

Bev Patterson notes that Corry Cab will resume Sunday service tomorrow running 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Corry VFW is holding a jackpot bingo on Saturday, Feb. 20, with a limit of 70 players.

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